Masterclass Expert Information

Masterclass Expert Information

Masterclass Expert Information

Our online Career Change Masterclasses are 1-hour interactive discussions with subject matter experts on specific career change topics. They’re designed to leave our participants with actionable insights to help them move faster towards fulfilling work.

Most of our experts find the primary benefit of taking part in a Masterclass is an opportunity to gain visibility in front of our 1m+ annual audience and our 180k+ mailing list. 

Guests also enjoy adding direct value to our participants in a fun and interactive way. We’re also happy to mention a guest’s book or podcast during our promotion and follow-up from the Masterclass.


Who are our Masterclass experts?

We’ve worked with experts from the UK, USA and Europe. See our Masterclasses for more details.

We generally choose panellists who have:

  • Authored a book or have a well followed blog or podcast in the area you’re most passionate about, that’s in a subject relevant to our audience
  • Enjoy speaking TEDx style to large online audiences


Who are our audience?

They’re mid-career professionals, bright and highly motivated, but have a strong feeling that they’re in the ‘wrong’ career for them, and it’s time for a change. And crucially, they’re stuck in terms of navigating a shift. They want help and practical strategies with real life examples on how to move forward and find clarity. 

They’re mainly located in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, and are roughly divided 65% female / 32% male and 3% other. We also have a number of career coaches who regularly attend the Masterclasses.


What’s the format of the Masterclass?

Our Masterclasses bring experts into direct conversation with our audience. They’re held on Zoom Webinar, on a Tuesday evening, from 20:00 - 21:00 UK time.

They’re split into two sections:

  • A presentation from our panelist for 20 minutes (TEDx style) focused on three or four key learnings, with real life examples and a handful of slides
  • Q&A session with our audience for the remaining time

Our Masterclass moderator will facilitate the session, including the Q&A.

Afterwards we share the recording and a Summary Notes PDF (detailing the key learnings, references and links from the Masterclass) with each participant.


What’s the time commitment?

We do our best to make the process as smooth and easy for you as possible. 

We want you to feel fully prepared and comfortable ahead of your Masterclass and so hold:

  • A 45 minute ‘Introductory Call’ to meet our team, answer questions, discuss 3 or 4 initial content ideas and to see if a Masterclass is a good fit on both sides.
  • A 20 minute week before call to run through any questions that have come up
  • A 30 minute pre-call before the hour long Masterclass and a 15 minute debrief afterward (to capture your feedback)

We ask that you prepare a handful of slides to illustrate your presentation, which we’re happy to assist you with. In between call’s we’ll send 


What are the fees?

To be as fair as we can, our honorarium fees for our experts are based on 25% of the total net sales for the live event. 

This starts from a minimum payment of £250 ($345 / E290) and averages at £490 ($680 / E575)

We’re happy to promote your book(s), website and other social media, in our Summary Notes PDF, prepared following the Masterclass.

We’ll also share with you a social media promotion pack, to promote your Masterclass with your own audience



What have previous experts said?

  • Eleanor Tweddell

    How to reinvent your career (and yourself) after redundancy

    I loved being part of your masterclass series – it was very easy to work with you, and I loved that we co-created something that worked for your audience. Very happy to be part of your brilliant organisation again

  • Grace Marshall

    How to stop procrastinating and make progress on your shift with limited time

    Being a Masterclass panellist is definitely an experience that stands out. There’s a real sense of teamwork and it’s like having your own production team with you – a host who makes it her business to know your material; the audience who ask great questions that steer the session; and organisers who handle the tiny decisions involved in making the logistics process run seamlessly. I loved how as a team you all come together to hold space for the session before and after – a great team is one that makes each other shine. It was a privilege to see that in action and be part of it for a session

  • Cyriel Kortleven

    How to break out of analysis paralysis and get moving with your career change

    The masterclass was well prepared in a very professional way. The nice thing was that I could fine-tune my content for a very specific target group of career shifters. It was also a fun learning experience for myself

  • Steve Errey

    How to overcome imposter syndrome and feel more confident in your career change

    The Masterclass experience was made super-easy thanks to the preparation and handholding throughout. There was a perfect balance of direction in terms of content and timing, whilst letting me put my spin on things. The best thing was being able to get some tangible insights out there that the audience can use in their own lives. It was a pleasure to be a part of it!

  • Julia Randell-Khan

    How to find a new, fulfilling career later in life

    The Masterclass attendees were very engaged in the session which made the preparation worthwhile.The Careershifters team support on the logistics and operational support was top class! A very slick operation - thank you for the careful attention to detail. Happy to be involved in any future sessions / workshops

What are the next steps to take this further?

The next steps are to arrange an 'Introductory Call' to meet our Masterclass team, ask any questions, explore content ideas and let both of us see if this is a good fit